Reagent Genie

ReagentGenie a European life science reagent company selling products under the ELISA Genie, Assay Genie & Antibody Genie brands.

The company’s founders Colm Ryan PhD and Sean Mac Fhearraigh PhD have drawn on 20+ years combined experience to better understand demands of customers across the globe for life science reagents products.
ReagentGenie is privately held and distributes its products via Biomedica in Austria & CEE.

Key Areas

  • Cell Biology
  • Metabolism
  • Reporter Assays
  • Cytokines and Chemokines
  • Food and Agriculture Diabetes / Obesity

Key Products

  • ELISA:  ready-to-use for over 20 species LINK
  • Cell-based and biochemical assays LINK
  • Antibodies LINK

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